Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer is everywhere. The pink ribbons, the “I heart boobies” bracelets, and the thousands of breast cancer walks all over the United States. These all contribute to breast cancer organizations. Over one hundred million dollars has been raised to support breast cancer. This may not seem serious by the promotions and jokes that these organizations pull support from, but don’t forget the millions of people who have breast cancer. Breast cancer affects, approximately, an eighth of all American women in their lifetime.

What is cancer? Cancer is a disease where cells become abnormal and lose the ability to control division. These cells divide infinitely and begin to invade other cells (kids info bits, 1). This creates masses of cells called tumors. Breast cancer is a cancer that begins in the breast and can quickly spread to other areas of the diseased.

Why should you care? Breast cancer does not discriminate. This cancer affects men and women of all races, colors, religions, and identities. Everyone has the same potential to be diagnoses with breast cancer, so be aware of the dangers of this cancer. No matter who you are you are capable to get breast cancer and you might even be killed. About 40,800 United States ladies were killed off by breast cancer in the year 2000 (Meister). Breast cancer also affects more that 1,000 men, in the United States, a year (National Cancer Institute). According to the National Cancer Institute, the number of women in the United States who learns that they have been diagnosed with cancer exceeds 180,000. Breast cancer, following skin cancer, is now the most prominent form of cancer among women in the United States.

What are the reasons people get cancer? Exposure to radiation in high quanti...

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...eople. Knowledge of cancer can save you while naïvetés can hurt you while cancer could be a positive or negative experience, always be wary of cancer.

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