Brave and Honorable Men

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The United States of America, in its short history, has given birth to numerous brave and honorable men. These men have helped shape and mold the country to what it is today. When someone thinks of men who have molded the United States, one might think of the Founding Fathers or early pioneers like Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett. One might also think of great presidents such as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. These men laid the foundation of how the country should be led. There is one trait that all these great men possess, and that trait is determination. Determination is what fueled these American Renaissance men to do the great and brave things they did. There is one man who possessed an abundant amount of determination, and he was not going to let his physical circumstances get in the way of his goals in life. By the end of his presidency, he had changed the way the world looked at America. Despite his crippling disability, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was able to overcome his adversity and lead the United States out of the Great Depression and through most of World War II.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or FDR, was born in 1882 in the wealthy neighborhood of Hyde Park, New York. Franklin was a privileged child because he was born into a very wealthy family. He was always taught to be better than anyone and everyone. Franklin spent a majority of his childhood traveling around Europe with his family (Blassingame 107). Whenever he would return home, instead of attending school, he would receive his education from expensive one-on-one tutors. Finally, when he was fourteen, his parents sent him to Groton School for Boys (Bio.TrueStory). This school was only for the wealthiest and most privileged children. After he finished his schoo...

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...ranklin D. Roosevelt Presidential).

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