Brainology, By Alix Spiegel's Struggle For Smarts

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Before reading any of the articles that I will be discussing with you, I have always believed that not a lot of people had similar learning habits, let alone have a title for it. “Growth and fixed mindset” and struggling to succeed in areas you lack skills in is very common especially amongst Western cultures. As you read, you will see that in my story I had an experience where I came into a class with a fixed mindset and I left the school with a more mature concept, not fully developed and where I’d like it to be, but close enough! I was assigned to read two articles, one named “Struggle for Smarts” written by Alix Spiegel and the other called “Brainology,” written by Carol S. Dweck. As I was reading Spiegel’s “Struggle for Smarts,” I was…show more content…
In Dweck’s article, “Brainology,” she says “Children praised for their intelligence lost their confidence as soon as the problems got more difficult” (3). I believe Dweck’s theory was correct because in my case being told “Wow, great job, you’re so smart!” made me think that I should always opt for the easy problems so I can continue to be praised and be called “smart.” She stated that the kids who end up with a “growth mindset” get told things like “…..You must have worked really hard” because that made them maintain their motivation and performance. (3). So, when my teacher announced that the math final was coming up and gave us all study guides, I went straight to my tutors and did all of the math problems, with no notes, and I felt really good about myself, even my teacher was shocked, but I am very proud that I did that and accomplished my goal because I proved her wrong; I know she was thinking that I was a “dumb” student who didn’t try. I wouldn’t say that after that experience, I had a growth mindset, but I definitely believe that I am in the middle of a fixed and growth mindset. Now when I don’t succeed at something, I always put my best foot

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