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On July 4th, the American colonies declared the independence of the Unite States, it was the result of the war between the American colonies and the Britain. A lot of people might have heard about the Boston Tea Party, a group of Americans dumped British tea into Boston Harbor, but many do not know how important it was, in fact, it was the first try of the colonists to rebel the British government with violence. The Boston Tea Party was the trigger of the American Independence War.
The events that led to the Boston Tea Party began at around 1763, after the Britain won the French and Indian War. The king of Britain passed taxes on the colonies to make up the loss of money during the war, he thinks the colonists should pay for their own defense. The parliament of the Great Britain passed a series of revenue raising act, the first edition of the act was the Sugar Act on April 5, 1764, which also known as the American Revenue Act, imposes tax on colonial molasses. Followed by the Stamp Act passed on March 22, 1765, the parliament requires the colonies to pay tax on printed materials such as newspapers, magazines, paper documents. The colonists were upset with those acts, they concern about the intent of the parliament, they felt fearful for the rights they were holding will be taking away, they resorted to protesting and mob violence toward stamp collectors. Very soon the parliament repealed the Stamp Act in …show more content…

He was born in a religious and politically active family. He graduated from Harvard College, he was a businessman and tax collector before he became official of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and the Boston Town Meeting in the 1760s. He opposes to the Britain parliament’s intention on taxing the American colonies without their agreement, his call of colonial non-cooperation resulted in the occupation of Boston by British soldiers. In

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  • Explains that the boston tea party, a group of americans dumped british tea into boston harbor, was the trigger of the american independence war.
  • Describes the events that led to the boston tea party, which began at around 1763, after the british won the french and indian war.
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