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Trade shows bring your business in direct contact with potential customers. A trade show is a great opportunity to interact personally with your target audience and create a favorable impression about your business. To market your product at a trade fair, you need a booth and displays. The booth will house your product, promotional literature and displays. The displays will showcase your advertising slogan, product information and other graphics. You have two options to source the booth and displays - buy them or go for trade show booth rentals. The latter option is especially useful if you will be using the booth infrequently or just for one trade show. Here is a look at the advantages of booth rentals. Renting is cheaper than buying Compared to buying a trade show booth, renting is a smarter option especially for smaller companies. Not every company can afford to buy a trade show booth as it involves quite a big investment. Smaller companies and start-ups prefer renting to buying for keeping costs low. In case of renting, you can choose a highly …show more content…

After such trials you can think about buying a trade show booth. Flexibility Renting a trade show booth gives you the flexibility of using new and unique designs each time you participate in a trade fair. It is especially useful if you are participating in trade shows around the world. You can choose booths based on structure, size and height for different trade shows. For unique presentations and a fresher look it is best to rent booths and stay cost-effective at the same time. No transportation and storage hassles When you buy trade show booths and displays, the responsibility of transporting them to different venues lies solely with you. When you go for trade show rentals the company will provide all these services, the charges for which will be included in your overall rental

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