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BOLIVIAN PARADISE Bolivia is an amazing country that is breathtaking and is similar to a paradise. Bolivia is an interesting country that practices an interesting style of living. Locals always have plenty to do. They can go out for pizza, go see movies, or simply sit and talk. Many countries in South America has the same main language, Spanish. So yes, Spanish is the major language in Bolivia . Most people think of exotic foods when they think of foods from other countries, but that’s not necessarily true . Locals enjoy lots of foods eaten in the United States. Steak is very big in Bolivia, so there is a lot of steakhouses. Of course, Bolivians do have some signature foods and local fruits are super tasty. Fruits like apples, grapes, kiwi, pineapple, mangos, honeydew melon, watermelons, figs, grapefruit, and many more grow there. Bolivia does has some special fruits. One of these is the Acais berries, which has a remarkable reputation because of its many vitamins and minerals. The acharya berry has a festival in its honor in January. This berry is semi-acidic. Another interesting berry is everybodys’ favorite, since it makes chocolate!!!! The cacao is an ugly looking fruit that you probably would never buy if you saw it for sale and it is not normally eaten by itself. The last fruit I’ll tell you about is a kind of banana, a guineos. These bananas are not your everyday banana, it is much smaller than an average banana and is the best banana for banana bread. There is plenty of produce, as is there is many typical foods Bolivians eat. A main staple in Bolivia is potatoes. They also enjoy grains, maize, beans, rice, fish, poultry, and peanuts. For special occasions, they enjoy... ... middle of paper ... a paradise. There are things there that no other country has. For example, the Carnaval de Oruro shows the uniqueness of Bolivia through traditional dancing and costumes. Bolivia is like a South American paradise. Works Cited Advameg, Inc., Culture of Bolivia 2014. 17 Mar. 2014. “Bolivia” Beardon, Hannah September 22, 1999 BoliviaBella, Multiple used, 2014. Mar. 2014. CIA, Bolivia 2014. Mar 2014. Ganderson, What Do People in Bolivia do to Have Fun? 2014.10 Mar. 2014. Time and Date, Holidays and Observances 1995-2014. Mar 2014.

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