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Where is Honduras located? What are some main landforms? What food do Hondurans eat? What language do Hondurans speak? How did Honduras become Honduras? These are all questions you might have, and in this paper all will be answered. You will learn more about the geography, society, people, their lifestyles, and the history of Honduras.
Honduras has many landforms that differ from beautiful sandy beaches to furious rugged mountains. The highest point above sea level is Cerro Las Minas; it stands 2,870 meters above sea level. There is also the Sierra de la Botija mountain range which is located along the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. There are also many other mountain regions such as Cerro El Pital, Pico Bonito, Montaña Cerro Grande, and the Cerro El Eslabón. These are only a few of the Honduran mountains. Honduras has a lot of mountains and some mountain ranges.
Like I said before, Honduras has beautiful sandy beaches, these are actually the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. Most of the beaches of Honduras are white-sand beaches that have a large variety of wildlife. Th...

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