Black Holes Essay

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To first understand a black hole, you must understand how it is created. Most black holes are produced by dying stars that have a mass twenty times greater than our sun. A star eventually becomes a black hole because the energy and pressure pushing outward is overcome by gravity that pushes inward. For big stars the gravity force causes a star to collapse under its own weight. The star then will explode as a supernova and some outer parts of the star are sent out into space. The core is still intact, and if it has collapsed under its own weight, it will have formed a star. This core is said to have nearly zero volume, but with infinite density, known as a singularity. These black holes that have now been created start to grow. But how do they grow? They start absorbing mass from materials that are close to them. If a material is said to enter a black holes event horizon, a point at which nothing can escape a black hole’s gravity, the object would became absorbed and would be part of the black hole. Most black holes consume large amounts of gas and dust as their primary source of “f...

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