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History of biometrics: What is Biometrics? The term “biometrics” originated from the Greek words “bio” meaning life and “metrics” meaning to measure. (Rouse, 2015) Biometrics is the statistical analysis and measurement of people's physical and behavioral characteristics. The main use for the technology is for identification and access control. (Mayhew, 2015) The basic premise of biometric authentication is that an individual can be identified by his or her unique physical or behavioral traits since no two persons biological characteristics exactly the same. Due to significant advances in the field of computer processing, automated biometric systems have only become available over the last few decades. (Mayhew, 2015) What is Palm/ Finger print…show more content…
(Luong, Kaufman & Clark, 2015) He was one of the first in history to start collecting and cataloging fingerprints. (Luong, Kaufman & Clark, 2015) He also used the technology to conclusively solve a murder case. He proved a man guilty in “the murder of his neighbor after his thumb print was found to be identical to a bloody partial fingerprint left at the crime scene”. (Luong, Kaufman & Clark, 2015) This was the first criminal fingerprint identification. (Luong, Kaufman & Clark,…show more content…
The positive outcomes for implementing biometrics into healthcare will increase convenience, efficiency, and security for all parties involved. (Pato & Millett, 2010) The implementation of Biometric systems and technologies require a personal relationship between themselves and their consumers because they collect and record the biological and behavioral characteristics of their bodies. (Pato & Millett, 2010) Although biometric technology is relatively new in the realm of nursing and within in healthcare field, the public's opinion on the implementation of biometrics seems to be promising. From a study taken in 2016 (Santa, 2016) says that “More than half of U.S. adults are either very comfortable or comfortable with the use of biometrics in locations commonly believed to already have a high degree of security screening – airports and national borders – and places perceived to lack safety such as high crime areas and public schools.” In addition to this, almost half of consumers are comfortable using biometric technologies at home and/or the workplace. (Santa, 2016) Organizations that consumers view as traditionally handling sensitive information or those that serve important life functions such as hospitals have the highest trust level with biometric technologies being 64 percent. (Santa,

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