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The term biometrics is commonly known as the field of development of statistical and mathematical methods applicable to data analysis problems in the biological sciences. Though, even more recently it has taken on a whole new definition. Biometrics is an amazing new topic referring to “the emerging field of technology devoted to the identification of individuals using biological traits, based on retinal or iris scanning, fingerprints, or face recognition”. Biometrics has already begun using applications that range from attendance tracking with a time clock to security checkpoints with a large volume of people. The growing field of biometrics has really been put on the map by two things, the technological advances made within the last 20 years, and the growing risk of security and terrorism among people all over the world. In this paper I will focus on: the growing field of biometrics, why it is important to our future, how the United States government has played a role in its development and use, the risks involved, the implications on public privacy, and further recommendations received from all over the science and technology field.

Biometrics has really been a captivating part of watching new age movies and futuristic stars bring in the 21st century. Yet, most regular people don’t even know what is behind these alluring “tricks”, and what really classifies as a part of the Biometrics field. Something as simple as a pin number you use for an ATM machine would qualify as part of this realm. Other behavioral characteristics can be things such as a voice print, or a signature. Biometrics can also become so technologically advanced that they can use video surveillance to scan who goes in and out of an area...

... middle of paper ... safety and liberty in the first place, you have to push the envelope. Seeing all points of view on the issue of biometrics made me see that we are better off with it than without it. Eventually the legislation will be passed, and biometrics will fall into place, and become as common as a lock on your door. Just another security measure to keep us all safe as a family, as a neighborhood, as a state, and finally, as a nation.


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