Biography of George Washington

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George Washington an American Hero The Revolutionary War proved to be the most important experience in the transition of Washington's history. The war made George Washington, a man to be revered in history, and helped transform him into a symbol of a new republic and its principles. George Washington is the Founding Father of our nation. The American Revolution was a result of a series of social, political changes, within American society. Washington played an important political and military position in the American Revolution. The Revolution took place between 1765 and 1783. The existing Thirteen American Colonies broke free from the ruling British Empire and made an independent country. This country would be now forever known as the United States of America. In 1769, Washington introduced a resolution to the House of Burgesses they wanted the acts revoked or they would continue to boycott British goods. After the passage of the Intolerable Acts in 1774, Washington chaired a meeting in which the Fairfax Resolves was adopted calling for the convening of the Continental Congress and the use of armed resistance as a last resort. After the battles of Lexington and Concord in April 1775, the political dispute between Great Britain and her North American colonies escalated into an armed conflict. In May, Washington traveled to the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia dressed in a military uniform, he was prepared for war. On June 15, he was appointed Major General and Commander-in-Chief of the colonial forces against Great Britain. In 1775, Washington was nominated by John Adams to serve as a general and commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. His involvement had begun much earlier as he never failed to stand up to th... ... middle of paper ..., Washington has been acclaimed as indispensable to the success of the Revolution and the birth of the country. Works Cited "American National Biography Online: Washington, George." American National Biography Online: Washington, George. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Apr. 2014. . Chase, D. Philander. “Washingon, George.” World book. 2008. 2007. Lloyd, Gordan. “Constitutional Convention Attendance Record.” Teaching American History. 2006: Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr., ed. “History of American Presidential Elections”, 1789-1968. 4 vols. New York: Chelsea House, 1971. Weintraub, Aileen. “Read about George Washington”. Berkeley Heights: Enslow Publishers. Inc. 2004 Wood, Gordon. “Creation of the American Republic”, 1776-1787.Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 1969.
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