Biography of Eric Clapton

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Biography of Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton was born on March 30, 1945 in Ripley, Surrey, England. He

was born the illegitimate child of Patricia Molly Clapton, who could

not afford to raise him at the time. He spent his life being raised by

his grandparents, Rose and Jack Clapp, who, until he was nine,

shielded him from the fact that he was illegitimate. They pretended

they were his parents, while his real mother claimed to be his sister.

Even after Clapton knew that he was, in fact, a bastard, he would

still visit his mother, and she would still pretend to be his sister.

From an early age, Clapton had an aptitude for art and especially for

music. At age 14, his grandparent bought him a £14 guitar, on which he

copied the music of the greatest blues artists at the time. From

there, he went on to perform music, at which point he started his

first band, the Roosters (which had member Tom McGuinness who later

joined Manfred Mann).

After the Roosters were through with, Clapton landed himself a spot in

the Yardbirds where he played with the two other major British guitar

heroes of the 60s, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. The Yardbirds became very

popular with their bluesy rock. While on the Yardbirds, he even earned

himself the nickname of "Slowhand" because his forceful string bending

often times led to his breaking a string onstage. He would replace it

right there in front of the audience while they engaged in a slow


Clapton left the Yardbirds in 1965 because they were veering too far

from the blues-style rock he really enjoyed playing. He almost

immediately joined another band, the Bluesbreakers. Due to that band's


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and fans once again. However, in 1997, Clapton marked his final

departure from his blues-laced rock with his techno-pedigreed Retail

Therapy. From that point, he released one more album on his own in

1998 and played with BB King in 2000, once again in a traditional

blues style.

"Clapton is God" really isn't that far from the truth. His music was

not only influenced by the greats, but he influenced them all back.

Despite his many problems in life, they only benefited his music and

what we now know as legend Eric Clapton. Clapton is the only rock

artist ever to be admitted into the Rock & Roll hall of fame on three

accounts (once for the Yardbirds, once for Cream, and once as a solo

artist). He is still alive and well today, and even after he dies, he

will remain one of the most influential musicians of all time.
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