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Over the course of a lifetime many individuals do not get the chance to reach 100 years old. There are many environmental influences as well as human behaviors that contribute to one’s expected life span. Citizens in today’s society are working towards extending their natural life. One’s personal health, well-being and overall life course are a few factors that play a major role in the aging process. This document is a biography of 100 year old Porcha Petteway’s life course. Personal data, accomplishments, professional agencies, jobs and careers held will be discussed. People she helped, her legacy, life during her senior years and daily regiments that assisted in reaching 100 will also be conversed. Finally, her end of life journey, activeness during her senior years along with contributing environmental influences and behaviors that extended her life span will also be revealed.
Porcha Petteway was an African American female and devoted Christian with many accomplishments in her lifetime. An autobiography has been written detailing what life was like for her with an emphasis in her senior years. It is the year 2084 and Porcha Petteway has passed away at the age of 100. Up until the day she passed Porcha was married to her husband for 73 years. They had two children together both girls. The life event of marriage allowed her to obtain many financial resources than those of the single population. Being married allowed Porcha to participate in private pension plans due to their lifetime income being combined and much higher than usual. She was able to live a life full of greater satisfaction as an advantage of being married. As Porcha entered old age her family structure remained rich, certain, close and tight knit. She had an unp...

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...self is to not stress over things beyond her control.
There are many environmental influences as well as human behaviors that contribute to one’s expected life span. Health and lifestyle are two major factors that play a role in determining what life would be like during the senior years of life. There are many advantages to having a strong social support network that consists of caregivers paid and unpaid. Seniors with this tend to live longer, remain independent and stay active in their later years. Citizens in today’s society are living longer due to technology, medications and an overall healthier lifestyle. Many reach the age of 100 but the maximum human life span is 120 years old. One’s personal data, career choices, environmental influences and amount of active interactions will determine how those of the older population will experience the aging process.

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