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Older adults are a very knowledgeable population and have had a lot of life experiences. As people age, things start to change physically, mentally, and socially. It’s important to understand the process of aging, so that older adults can be taken care of properly. I interviewed P.R. who is a 71-year-old male that lives alone in his home. P.R. is a retired coal miner, and is currently living off his social security and savings. He lives close to both his daughter and son, who frequently help him out with things that are needed. P.R. was able to give me a lot of insight about specific challenges that he has experienced in his life that is associated with aging. I will be discussing challenges that P.R experienced physically, mentally, …show more content…

P.R. opened a lot about the emotional challenges that he has suffered through. He stated that his wife divorced him after 49 years of marriage. This was one of the hardest things that he had to go through. He stated that “it’s hard to let someone go when you still love them”. Other challenges that he has been through mentally are losing some of his good friends and family members.
Social Challenges I feel like one of the biggest challenges socially is being alone. P.R. mentioned that since the divorce he feels very lonely in his big house. He mentioned that it’s hard to get out and about when there is no one to go with. Although P.R. feels alone most of the time he stated that he forces himself to go out and be social with his friends. He really enjoys watching sports events so he goes to the local high school and watches football and basketball.
Financial Challenges P.R. hasn’t struggled much with financial problems associated with aging. He mentioned that he is a big saver and has a lot of money in his savings to help him if he needs it. The only real challenge that he has had with financial problems is paying for medical bills and giving money to his wife. When his wife left, him he had to give half of his earnings to her due to the divorce. He stated that this really upset him because he felt like she was taking away what he

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