Biography Of Henry VIII

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Henry VIII the Man Who Couldn’t Keep a Wife. Henry VIII was a bad man who got away with beheading two of his wives and based his whole opinion about them on their looks. He had six wives Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard, and Katherine Parr. Each wife had a different role in his life and each he loved differently. Henry VIII had a long life with some parts better than others. Henry VIII was born on the 28th of June 1491 at Greenwich Palace (Henry VIII King of England). His mother was Elizabeth of York and his father was Henry VII and he had a brother named Arthur Tudor (Henry VIII King of England). When he was younger he was a lean & healthful man not the overweight sick man modern society pictures as King Henry VIII (Henry VIII King of England). After his brother’s death when Henry was only ten years old he was set to be married to Catherine of Aragon. He died on the 28th of January 1547 ( Henry VIII King of England). Catherine of Aragon was born the 16th of December 1485 at Alcala de Henares in Spain (Kathrine of Aragon). Her mother wa...

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