Biography Of Clara Barton

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In the 1800’s, representation among women was rare and not necessarily a cherished thing. In a time where women were just starting to recognize their capabilities, and men started to cling desperately to their power, Ms. Clarissa Harlowe Barton, or “Clara,” as she preferred to be called, emerged as a beacon of hope, love, and devotion (Redcross). Throughout her lengthy life, Clara Barton worked toward the admirable goal of changing the world and healing all those who needed it. Clara Barton helped to shape the history, and unforetold future of America, by founding the American Red Cross, helping those in need to the best of her ability, and remaining today as an astounding symbol of female empowerment.
Ms. Barton was born in 1821 on Christmas Day – perhaps she was a gift to mankind as a whole (Biography). Even from her childhood years, she found herself taking care of people. After her brother David fell from the rafters of their barn, an 11-year-old Clara took care of him for two years before he was taken to a doctor who could help (Birthplace). Two years after that, at fifteen, Clara was inspired to start teaching – and did just that, even opening up a free public school in New Jersey. As a young woman, she had already accomplished more than many people would in their lifetime. In her thirties, Clara Barton moved to Washington D.C. to become a clerk in the U.S. Patent Office (Biography). She would never marry – she knew the limitations of women in her society and chose to keep herself free from obligations of children and housework (Wikipedia).
In the early 1860s, the Civil War began to rage through the states, and Clara Barton took it upon herself to help out again. This time, the scale was much bigger than an older brother ...

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... donors? And seeing what Clara Barton has done – everything she has done, from the beginning of her life to the last moments of it – how can anyone say that women are not equal to men in their power and their influence? Clara is not only a symbol of kindness, of determination, and of generosity; she is also a symbol of equality, she is proof that no one man or women is greater than the next, and that anyone, no matter how big or how small, no matter their sex or their race or their physical attributes, can make a name for themselves.
Clara Barton changed the world. She caused a ripple. She matters. Without her, it’s hard to say where the world would be, but it would seem a little dimmer without the presence of this astounding woman to remind people of their humanity and their humility, and the power that every person has the capability of holding in their hands.
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