The American Red Cross

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The American Red Cross

It is important to know how the Red Cross began. It was in June 1859 when Henry Dunant went to Solferino, north of Italy. He was a spectator of a small but bloody war. French and Italians had a battle against Austrians. There were more or less 40,000 victims. He was completely horrified with the scene. He interrupted his trip to help the hurt and organized volunteers to save lives.

When Henry Dunant went back to his home town Switzerland in 1862, he decided to talk and write about his horrible experience. He didn’t want something similar to happen again. In February 1863, he made a commission with 5 people to help. In August 1964 it would become the International Red Cross.

Some years later, Clara Barton established a Red Cross society in America. She organized an association in Washington, D. C. on May 1881. The creation of this union

was made to help people in different difficult situations. Barton’s group also began helping people from disasters. She was the president from the association until 1904.

The Red Cross has always been handled by volunteers and charities. It doesn’t work as a business but as a humanitarian organization. It is impartial, neutral, independent, voluntary, united and universal.

The American Red Cross is always present at different situations, as a medium of communication and humanitarian services; they give comfort to soldiers and their families. The symbol of the Red Cross is a worldwide known. The Red Cross ...

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