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The first president ever identified as George Washington made a mark in history. He was a man of many first accomplishments to be done. Washington was a first at many things such as participating in a war that lasted six years. A fairly gruesome war it was. As the first president ever to take power placed a tremendous mark in history by him which lead to the love many people had of him.
Born to the parents of Augustine Washington and Mary Ball on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland, Virginia. Washington was raised as a “Virginia gentlemen”. He was also the eldest of Augustine and Mary’s children. He was a young boy brought up with respect, morals, manners, and knowledge. While still an adolescence he was brought up growing tobacco and preparing timbers on his father’s plantation. But most of his youthful years were spent on another plantation called the Rappahannock River near Fredericksburg, Virginia. The rest of his childhood was unknown and not understood.
Washington had little education as child being as though back in the olden days schools and teachers were not that prominent. His first primary education was with a nearby churchyard school not much more education was received once he became a teen. He did not attend college because of the lack of money once his father died in 1743. Even though he did not receive the formal education like many others he chose to self educate himself by reading. His main topics ranged from military arts agriculture to political topics.
Later onto early adulthood he started to learn a new trade which was learning the geometric principles necessary for surveying. As a young adult (around age 17) he secured a spot as a county surveyor and was on a road to a successful, profitable, ongoing career....

... middle of paper ... the first to sign the Constitution Convention, Judiciary Act of 1789, the bill authorizing the creation of a Department of Foreign Affairs, the Coinage Act making the dollar the official currency of the United States, and the Naval Act of 1794.
Other factors to his “firsts” were he never lived in the white house being that it actually was done being built after he died. Also once he died he was the only one to put into his will to free his slaves that were owned by him.
George Washington was a great man and deserved every bit of his recognition because he was the start of our nation. He shaped it into what it became after many decades. He was a successful general and president and the people loved him. As president he made mistakes but overall accomplished becoming one of the greats. He accomplished becoming a great president and a huge mark in our history.

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