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George Washington’s Life One of our country’s most significant leaders was George Washington. He is known as the father of our nation and has affected the way our country is today. There’s hardly a person in America who doesn’t know his name. He will be remembered for as long as America stands proud and free. On February 22, 1732, George Washington was born in Westmore County, Virginia to Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington. When he was about three, his family moved to Little Creek Potomac and then Ferry Farm in Stafford County, which was along the northern bank of Rappahannock River, where he spent most of his childhood. His father died in 1743 and left his family fifty slaves and ten thousand acres to their name. Washington …show more content…

The widow had inherited wealth from her previous husband. For the next six years, Washington worked as a farmer as a Gentleman Farmer at Mount Vernon on his family’s plantation. In 1774, Washington joined the Continental Congress as a delegate from VIrginia. The following year he was offered to be the chief commander in the Continental Army. He had witnessed the aftermath of imposed taxes and thought it was best to receive independence from Great Britain. After accepting the offer, he wrote to his wife Martha telling her quote, “it was utterly out of my power to refuse this appointment without exposing my Character to such censures as would have reflected dishonour upon myself, and given pain to my friends.” He changed his will and left for a bright future ahead. On July 3rd, 1775, Washington took control of the Continental Army. He accepted the position without pay and left for Boston. The troops were under trained and supplies were limited. As a leader, Washington was fearless and never acted until he considered any and every outcome and would push through if conflicts did emerse. The army had won few battles but stood strong and endured the war. Finally, with the help of the French, Washington and his troops managed to capture the British during the Battle of Yorktown. Thus, the eight year Revolutionary war was at an end on October 17th, …show more content…

Washington won the position with John Adams, who became the vice president. He was soon inaugurated. There wasn’t a capital city, so he resided in New York. Washington knew that being the first president would set standards for the presidents in the future. He was determined to be a strong leader. He reigned with confidence, fairness, and nobility. During his presidency, he nominated John Jay, the first chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Alexander Hamilton believed the bank would stabilize America’s credit and improve the way finances were handled. Washington signed a bill establishing to first National Bank. Washington had insisted to act without Congress's approval. Washington issued a Declaration of Neutrality when France and England were at war. Washington also created the cabinet. The cabinet was supposed to help advise the president. The first one only consisted of four members: Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, and Edmund Randolph. Overall, he accomplished many things while being a superb leader that stuck to his beliefs. Towards the end of his second term, decided to retire his position. He didn’t want his country to reflect that of Great Britain's government, which was ruled by monarchs until death, so he left office in 1796. His farewell speech is still celebrated to this day. WIth his last speech, Washington spoke farewell, “ In looking forward to the moment which is intended

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the life of george washington, the father of our nation. he was born in westmore county, virginia, to augustine and mary ball washington.
  • Describes how washington was appointed to be the official surveyor for culpeper county in virginia. after lawrence's death, he inherited mount vernon. the french sent their military forces to protect french settlers, land, and fur trappers.
  • Narrates how washington was selected to deliver a message to the french that directed them to leave. he led 150 men to ohio river as an attempt to claim the land, but failed to drive away french troops from fort duquesne and had to surrender.
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