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People often wonder why sports are so important and how they impact great populations. Sports have not always been a staple in society or a part of the “American Dream,” however; they have proven to have significant influences like how a team winning the World Series can bring tears to the eyes of an entire city, or how Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier to become the first African American to play in a MLB game sparked a generation of segregation. The power of sports extends further than the scoreboard and can bring a nation or a race together during times of strife. Sports provide a multitude of subtleties when it comes to the augmentation by improving the physical and mental health of individuals and the incorporation of social classes. The idea of “winning” in sports serves as a prime example of success. A highly valued commodity which often results in elitism and superiority is often displayed during the long and grinding seasons of multiple sports. The world of sports affords us the opportunity to gain vital insight into the sensitive issues of racism, sexism, and classism. Throughout history there have been multiple examples of how the sports world has changed micro to macro societies to change the ways of their lives. Today’s sports are no longer limited to team rivalries or as a gateway to further education in college, but now serve more as a catalyst for a greater population to become closer given a victory. In the “Miracle on Ice” Soviet Russia came into the Olympics as the heavy favorite and the USA being the underdogs. Although this was a highly touted matchup it was profoundly larger to each country than a team skating around and slapping a puck. These games were during a point of conflict between the Soviet... ... middle of paper ... ...eless people involved in the program have a new inspiration, 89 percent have improved social relationships, 35 percent have been safeguarded regular employment, 44 percent have improved their own housing situations and 39 percent chose to take on education in hopes for leading a more successful life. This program, playing soccer gives them motivation and opportunities to improve their life and living conditions. As our society continues to put more emphasis on how sports are viewed, the central theme that has always been associated with sports has evolved into something bigger. The power of sports extends further than the scoreboard and can bring a nation or a race together during times of strife. The sport can bring together a local town rivalry, to a country itself given a dramatic experience, or up to a race of people continuing through persecution or oppression.

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