The Impact of Sports on American Society

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Abstract: Society is affected every day by many different kinds of sports. These sports often govern society's way of life. People all over the nation turn their TVs to sporting events, such as golf, during the weekends. Scott Stossel states that "more than six million Americans enjoy watching golf on the weekends." Parents use sports as a teaching tool for their children. Kids learn teamwork and discipline from team sports programs and sports have also helped many students with their grades. Kids who want to compete in school sports are taught to keep their grades up or they won't be able to play, but the greedy coaches and schools often look around grades to keep their "star athletes" in the games. Adults have been affected by sports in their bank accounts. Tax increases for funding a new stadium, golf course and even school programs have hurt the middle class Americans. Sports have taken control of small communities and soon will take control of society Sports: How has Society Been Affected? American society has been affected over the years due to many people and laws. Athletes and sports have had their share of effect on society as well. Almost three fourths of society has played or watched some kind of sporting event. Where would society be today without sports? No one will ever know, but sports and athletes have affected society in many aspects all over the nation. Sports have brought people in the American society closer together. Some states in America rely on sports to help out with their economy, but sports have also created problems for society. Sports like golf, basketball, baseball, football and boxing all have effected American Society in their ow... ... middle of paper ... ... Works Cited Botstein, Leon. "Let Teen-Agers Try Adulthood." New York Times 17 May. 1999: 2 Eitzen, Stanley D. Sport in Cotemporary Society. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1996. Gildea, William. "Is Boxing's Reputation Down for the Count?" Everett Herald 13 Nov. 1999: 2c. King, Peter. "There's Plenty for Everyone." Sports Illustrated Jan. 1998: 50. McDermott, Michael. Personal interview. 14 Oct. 1999. McDonald, John. "High school football analysist." Everett Herald 5 Nov. 1999: 3c. "Olympics." Everett Herald 14 Nov. 1999: 2c. "Phillips wears out his Welcome in San Francisco." Everett Herald 14 Nov. 1999: 9c. Sprite. Advertisment. Kobe Bryant Oct. 1999. Stossel, Scott. "The Golfing of America." New Republic Aug. 1998: 18. Yardley, Jonathon. "A Fan's No." Frobes Spring. 1998: 55.

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