A Persuasive Essay On The Lack Of Diversity In Sports

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Defending Titles Diversely: A Persuasive Essay about the Lack of Diversity in Sports Many Americans have seen or at least heard of the movie “Remember the Titans.” The classic film focuses on a school that is blending black and whites and taking on an African American head coach. The coach knows the importance of winning, but also knows the team must work together to get those wins and have respect for every single person in the locker room. Although coach Boone was still put in a tough situation with the school board and the community, he was able to lead his team, with the help of a white assistant coach, to an undefeated season. The team coming together is exactly what America does with sports. Most everybody can come together and enjoy sporting events. By saying “everybody”, that includes all races: white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and so on. Sports are America’s past, present, and Therefore, it is very difficult to get a job coaching a team. It is even more difficult to be awarded a sports administration position, such as an athletic director when you are African American. Over the years, the percentage of black coaches has slowly risen. That being said, black coaches are seen more in sports such as men’s and women’s basketball and track and field, baseball, and football. There are few to none black coaches in sports like men’s and women’s lacrosse and field and ice hockey. The biggest growth for black coaches over time is seen in women’s basketball. When it comes down to it, there are more assistant coaches than there are head coaches. Many ask, why is this so? How is this fair? Through research it was found, that “In 1996 African Americans were 7.5 percent of all athletic directors. A decade later in 2006 this increased to only 7.9 percent”(Snail-like 41). There are very few African American collegiate athletic directors and there is not much growth in diversity with those

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