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In this paper, I’m going to talk about personal experiences and sociological ideas that I’ve learned throughout this course. Some of the social concepts I will be talking about are race, class, gender, and norms in sports. You will be personal reflections throughout this paper, you will see articles on things that we have covered in class. When I was signing up for classes this class struck my eye because I love sports so might as well learn about them. By taking this class it taught me how to think deeper about the situation then what I normally would have. One thing sociology has taught me was that we are always participating in something larger than ourselves. When we were young we were playing sports just for the fun of it, But as we grew up we became more competitive and learned what we needed to…show more content…
Research focuses on sport participation and positive outcomes for individuals and society.Many people like it because it assumes that values and agreement are the basis for social order. Those with power and influence often prefer it because it emphasizes stability and equilibrium in society. Everyday discussions and media coverage often are based on assumptions used in functionalist theory. The weakness of social groups would be that we assume that all social groups benefit the same from sports. Another disadvantage would be that we think all kids are equal when in reality some kids are more talented than others. The next theory I will be talking about is conflict theory. Conflict theory is a system of structures and relationship by economic forces. The people who possess power will want to keep it, while those without power will want to gain it. Many Elite sports teams are controlled by corporate, sponsors. We also talked about heros. A hero is admired for his or her achievements. They have courage and many skills. The key to being a hero is being a role model to others, being a

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