Best Ways to Lose Fat and Become Physically Healthy

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Some people who frequent the gym daily never seem to get fit. One might see the pudgy guy who is always on the treadmill but never getting any thinner, or the fat muscular guy who is always bench pressing but not losing any fat. This essay will highlight some of the best ways in which to lose fat and to become more physically healthy. The best way to achieve these fitness goals is to have a balance of strength and cardiovascular training plus proper nutrition. Losing weight is always the common goal in fitness, but it shouldn’t be. It should be a product of becoming more fit. Fat loss and muscle gain should be the main goals for fitness. When people only lose weight through drastic calorie reduction alone, they end up with a smaller but still flabby form. People don’t think of the density of fat vs. the density of muscle. The fat takes more space on the body than muscle does. Shawn Phillips, a fitness expert, explains how muscles actually shape you smaller: A pound of fat is about the size of a cantaloupe. In contrast, a pound of lean muscle is about the size of a baseball. Using this analogy, imagine how amazing you would look and feel if you swap 20 pounds of fat (think 20 cantaloupes) for five pounds of lean shape-defining muscle (think 5 baseballs) (Phillips 27) That is why fat loss and muscle gain should be the primary goals, and then weight loss will follow. Strength training plays a major role in accomplishing these goals. Strength training is defined in Merriam’s Webster as, “System of conditioning involving lifting weights, especially for strength and endurance. It may include the use of barbells and dumbbells, a Nautilus or similar machines”(Webster 1). Intense strength training enhances one’s metabolism. The importan... ... middle of paper ... ...eight training>. This source gives a nice definition of what strength training is. This gives the readers an idea of what they can do to gain muscle. Zelman, K.. N.p.. Web. 15 Apr 2014. Zelman a writer and director for nutrition on Webmd writes about the myth of fasting for effective and healthy weight loss. Zelman has plenty of experience in nutrition and she writes for many newspapers. She writes about metabolism and how fasting slows metabolism. Zinczenko, David. The Abs Diet. 1st ed. The United States: Rodale Inc., 2004. 287. Print. David Zinczenko writes about nutrition and how it helps someone achieve a more fit frame. David has experience in writing for men’s health magazine. David Zinczenko is a writer of 14 New York best sellers, with more than 10 million books printed.

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