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Weight loss and health: Is loosing weight closely tied to health benefits to know this we have to review the evidence of the long-term effects of weight-loss diets on health outcomes. Physicians recommend a diet to their patients with the only assumptions that losing weight will lead to improved health. The original standard weight recommended by a physician was based on Metropolitan Life insurance tables. The tables designated for an average height women 5 '5" the expected weight would be 134 lbs. Reviews of diet studies showed that over next 30years individuals tended to lose an average of 8% of their starting weight. To be a successful dieter the standard would be an average height women weighing 200 lbs would need to lose 10lbs even…show more content…
This step needs commitment and discipline because maintaining the weight loss is the key to staying healthy in the long run. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Benefits of exercise and weight loss: Many people exercise for cardiovascular health, build body, or build muscle but working out has a lot of benefits too. Scientists have been working for the past decade to see the effects of exercise on brain function. Studies show that exercise has serious mental benefits. Exercise controls weight: It helps maintain weight loss and also helps prevents weight gain. In any physical activity you burn calories doesn 't necessarily have to be work out to reap weight-loss benefits. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases: Being active boosts good cholesterol which is HDL and decrease unhealthy triglycerides. Regular physical activity helps you prevent wide range of health diseases like heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, stroke, depression, and metabolic

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