Best Man Wedding Speech (Roast)

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Best Man Wedding Speech Ladies and Gentlemen, It's time for me to make a speech now and quite frankly, there's not a lot you can do about that. Well, if there's anybody here this evening who feels strangely nervous and apprehensive, it's probably because you just went and married Bill Meyers! Sorry Lacy - It's too late now. You're stuck with him. When it comes to Best Man's speeches there are some things in the interests of good taste, which are better left unsaid.....well, I'm here to say them! Some people need no introduction....Bill Meyers needs all the introduction he can get. He could be described as charming, intelligent, witty...and perhaps one day he will be. Bill was born in October 1970. The Beatles had split up, Maggie May by Rod Stewart was no.1 and Liverpool Football Club, under Bill Shankly, was about to embark on a two decade journey of domestic a...

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