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  • American Culture: Life in a Petri Dish

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    anticipating writing this paper on American culture, I kept thinking of the culture that biologists grow in a petri dish. More specifically, the bacteria strep, which must be grown in a special medium called, blood agar. If someone has a "positive" culture, the bacteria strep has metabolized the blood in the agar and the petri dish will be clear. If someone has a "negative" culture, the petri dish will remain red. I can't help but make some analogies between science and American culture. The United

  • DBS - DIRECTV and DISH Network

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    DBS - DIRECTV and DISH Network Remember when Cable TV came into the picture and began bullying around the network stations for all their lunch money? Well watch out Cable because you might get a little taste of your own Medicine from a powerful extra terrestrial,... satellite that is. A multi-channel alternative to cable television known as Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) is now available in theUnited States of America and boy is it ready to rock. DBS provides picture perfect cable-like television

  • DISH Network Company

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    DISH Network was organized as a corporation in 1995 under the state laws of Nevada and began operation on March 4, 1996. They are primarily focused on delivering high-quality video entertainment. DISH is a publicly traded company with common stock on the Nasdaq Global Select Market and is traded under the ‘DISH’ symbol. DISH is a nationwide company, and is the United States third largest pay-TV provider. DISH Network’s three main business subsidiaries are DISH, Blockbuster, and Wireless Spectrum

  • Zinc and Hydrochloric acid

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    $     4. Weigh a clean dry evaporating dish. $     5. Decant the liquid remaining in your test tube into the evaporating dish. $     6. Pour 2-3 ml distilled or de-ionized water into test tube and rinse any remaining zinc with water and decant the water into the evaporating dish also. If you have no remaining zinc pieces, rinse the test tube and decant the liquid into the dish. $     7. Heat the evaporating dish until there is no more liquid remaining in the dish. The solid remaining will have a puffy

  • Joy of Cooking

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    The creative format comes from the chef. Since I am the one who cooks in my house, I must prepare each dish tasteful and attractive. For example, I was thinking of a creative cake for my daughters&rsquo birthday. I decide to make her a choo choo train cake. The way I want to present this dish is by making it look like a toy train with zoo animals standing near by. The idea of this dish is to make the train look similar to the candy house in the story, "Hansel and Gretel". The first step

  • Italian Culture

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    is tasted with every single bite. One of my favorite dishes would have to be fettuccini alfredo and it just happens to be a fairly easy, but extremely delicious, dish to make. Trust me, if I can make it, you can make it. The most important part of Italian cooking is the ingredients. Quality makes a huge difference in the outcome of any dish. For fettuccini alfredo you need: one pound of uncooked fettuccini, two cups of finely grated parmesan or romano cheese, one pint of either heavy cream or half

  • Directv

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    success of DirecTV is mainly due to the company's ability to make satellite television affordable to the masses. The consumer saves a considerable amount of money by only having to pay for a cheap, small satellite dish. Very little other equipment is needed and installation of the dish is free. Also, monthly service costs are very comparable to cable companies' rates. Cost of higher packages can be expensive but many packages are affordable. Due to the comparable cost, many families prefer satellite

  • Lab Report Identifying Unknown Substances by Characteristic Properties

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    have heated them to the right temperatures, pour the excess water into a dry evaporating dish. ( Be sure not to get any of the substance in your solution. ) 8.) Boil off the water, using the same apparatus as in step 4. 9.) Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the other 3 test tubes. 10.) Mass the evaporating dish and it's contents. 11.) Subtract the mass of the evaporating dish from the mass of the evaporating dish and it's contents. Multiply that number by 10 to get the solubilty in grams per 100

  • Producing Fertiliser Experiment

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    aqueous NH3 * Evaporating Dish * Methyl-Orange Indicator * Bunsen Burner, Tripod, and Metal Gauze * Ice cubes * Filter paper, funnel, and 50ml beaker * 3-figure balance Method 1. Add the 10ml of HNO3 into the evaporating dish 2. Add 3 drops of the methyl-orange indicator 3. Slowly add the NH3 until the solution turns neutral 4. Place the evaporating dish with the solution onto a tripod with metal gauze to support the evaporating dish, and evaporate to a fifth of

  • IVF - In Vitro Fertilization

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    expensive and rather risky program (costing around $4000 excluding overheads) allows infertile couples to achieve pregnancy when conventional therapy has failed or is unacceptable. The procedure involves placing eggs that have been fertilised in a cultured dish directly into the uterus. A successful procedure will go as follows: - Couples are counselled about their situation and informed on the procedure, their obligations and rights. - Medical history, physical examination and other related tests are taken