Best Man Wedding Speech

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Best Man Wedding Speech

Well to be honest Steven I thought you would have spoken for longer today….. as that was probably your last opportunity to speak for any length of time without interruption.

Not that I’m saying Ellen talks a lot!

Afternoon everybody…..or is it evening….. seems so long ago that we started these proceedings….

For those of you that do not know me my name is Mark

Although I’m sure you’ll have a few other names for me after I’ve finished this…. Although BIG NOSE is a little obvious!

Also just a little soundcheck….Can hear me at the back????

Good then put a bottle aside for me!!!!

Well…I hope you’ve all been having a good time and enjoyed yourselves so far……… Good …..but as they say ….. every silver lining has a cloud….. and I’m afraid it’s just got overcast!

I must thank Ellen’s parents for their hospitality today and that really did look like a splendid meal………..

although I’m afraid mine should be just be hitting the city sewer system around …. About….. now…

Response to Steven’s Toast To Bridesmaid

First of all may I re-iterate and thank Steven for his complementary comments to the Bridesmaids, who have done a splendid job today at looking wonderful.

Although….. No-doubt my sister has already told you this……


“Don’t forget dear ….. the slightest ill treatment and you come home to Mother!

Closer Look…………… Oh!! Its for...

... middle of paper ...

...m service lady will of course be puzzled by this request and ask him whether Mrs Scott might want something more substantial

To which Steven will probably reply

‘No that’s ok I'm conducting an experiment to see if she eats like a rabbit as well!"

Ladies and Gentlemen please….. settle down…

Could you please stand now and join me in a toast to the bride’s parents for this special day. Thank you.

And while you are all standing I’ve just got a few last things to say…..

Steven you are an excellent friend and it’s been an honour to be your best man. I wish you and Ellen all the very best for the future.

If everyone could now join me in a toast to Mr and Mrs Steven and Ellen Scott.


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