Best Buy Core Competencies

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the Case Study "Best Buy Co., Inc.: Sustainable Customer Centricity Model?", Case 22, starting on page 22-1,
International Expansion
Knowledge of Products & Services
Human Resource Management
Customer Service
Employee’s training
Marketing Strategy through Multiple Brands
Brand Name-Best Buy
Highly trained employees
Suppliers / Distributors
Human Resources
Capital (Human & Financial)
Management Team
Core Competencies:
Best Buy Co. Inc.
Customer - Centricity Model
Acquisition to gain valuable insight (developing markets, integrating companies)

Finding of fact # 1: The ethical problem is a big problem in all large companies (MNCs). I can take the recent case of Volkswagen which has nothing to do with BestBuy
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BestBuy really needs to know the expectations of consumers to be able to align on the same distribution line than its competitors that continue to cut its market shares by offering the same products at very competitive prices. There is no doubt about the threat that may represent specially Wal-Mart for BestBuy, its "Every day low price" slogan speaks for itself. Today, quality’s problem is used as a marketing argument, but it’s not over true even though Walmart some low quality products. We have to notice that most of the producers of nowadays ’technologies are Asian countries as proof, IPhone and well-known brands technologies have always been manufactured in China. So the quality problem is not really the problem BestBuy is facing because there is no doubt that Wal-Mart and BestBuy have the same suppliers since everyone claims to offer high quality electronics. The first thing to do is to figure out how Walmart makes the difference by lowing its fixed and variables costs to better maximize profit even though offering low cost product. I think BestBuy needs to review its employees ‘training budget since they already have a good knowledge about the product they offer. As cited on page 22-4, even though its revenue grow, at the same time its net income and operating
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