Bernie Sanders Analysis

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Out of all politicians, Bernie Sanders will be one to remember. His bold and fearless character is what really sets him aside from the other candidates. Sanders not only focused on politics, but also recognized other issues happening around the world; helping anyway he can. He’s doing a task that not many have the strength to do which is strive for a better human society. Sanders will always be known for his bravery and caringness that he puts out. Bernie Sanders early life has always been a struggle. Sanders father “Worked most of his life as a struggling paint salesman and Dorothy Sanders was a stay at home mother” (Becoming Bernie). Not being born into a wealthy family led him to work more than the regular person his age. Sanders being the oldest, meant that he had to help provide for the family which just added more responsibility to his plate. These issues did not end quickly for sanders; Following into his future and affecting the decisions he makes today. In his young adult years, “Sanders took his first bride to live in a maple sugar shack with dirt floors and she soon left him; penniless he went on unemployment” (Shaw) .Due to his unemployment, Sanders was evicted from his home leaving him homeless. He was seen as a failure throughout his adult life with…show more content…
Being a young college student “Sanders was sought out to be a failure through all his young adult life” (Jilani). He showed me I do not need to be the richest to chase my dreams. If the ambition and the will is there nothing can or will get in my way;attitude is the key. Sanders proves that whatever the prices is,it can be reached no matter if it means getting arrested. His actions inspired me to not give up when issues get out of control. Many people do not agree with his beliefs but that did not modify his mindset. If I believe something should be adjusted i will stay until the goal is
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