Bernie Sanders

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Bernard “Bernie” Sanders, is one of the best candidates for this years 2016 presidential election. He is the junior United States Senator from Vermont. He has demonstrated his passion towards an equal and stabilized country. Sanders is a man who believes in a country that is equal and all voices should be heard. Socioeconomic issues are to be heard of by all people because these issues are what make the people and the country. His propositions to a better socioeconomic country will better the relationships we have with one another. Voting for Bernie Sanders, means voting for a country that will be equal to all the people living here. A country deserves to be united by all the people living here regardless of race. We are all human, we all deserve…show more content…
Bernie Sanders is the best person qualified for the U.S. Presidency. Bernie Sanders is promising an opportunity to all Americans to obtain healthcare. Universal health care will be a great relief for those who do not have health care and cannot afford it. Many people and families go on living without having health care because it is too expensive. For those who do not have Health care, are constantly in fear knowing that if they get sick, it complicates the situation of where to go and get help or better themselves because it is so expensive for them. As of right now, there are approximately Over Thirty-Three Million Americans that still do not have insurance, Seven million, which happen to be immigrants coming from poor families. (Barry-Jester, Casselman). Bernie Sander believes “ Health care is a right, not a privilege.” (Sanders). He stands for equal treatment, everyone should be able to obtain health care at a reasonable and affordable price so that all people can get the help that they need without having to struggle their way to pay for it. Not everyone chooses where they are born and what family income they come from, it shouldn’t have to be that way with healthcare. The Affordable Care…show more content…
Whether it is race, gender, religion, or sexuality. Our country is filled with problems that people are bashing others because their oppinions might differ but that only distances people when we should really be united and fight to fix these problems as a whole, “This country faces enormous problems and they will not be solved unless we are united. It is time to end politics of division on this country, of politicions playing one group of people against the other: white against black, male against female, straight against gay, native born against immigrant.”(Green,Tasini). We need to be united for the sake of our country. Sanders is not only a great candidate for the election but is also a hardworking and devoting man that is willing to push any actions to make his propositions possible for this country. This only shows that as a president of our country, he will move quickly and effectively to change the world for the better and be at peace. We need a president to fight for us “the people” and our country. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders is that man and he will enhance this country. To make this possible, we must help him and support him by voting for him and his ideals for the sake of our country. He is a determined and qualified man for the U.S. Presidency. Which is why we need to vote for him, that is the first step to a united
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