Benefits Of Social Networking Essay

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Teen years is a very difficult period in our life and being easily distracted by a variety of things doesn’t make it any easier. One of the major distraction that a teenagers daily faces is the use of social networking sites. Its seems as if social networking sites have taken over the young adolescent minds to a whole other world and loosing awareness of what around them with the endless “clicking” and “scrolling” through webpages. Like those moments where you are on specific networking site and you lose either notion of time or you end up completely off track from where you first left off. YouTube would be one of those many networking sites this occurs the most. You could be watching a video about “cats” and end up watching something completely…show more content…
The proponents to networking sites all agree that it is beneficial for us. Many mentions how it has helped raise the connection with friends and family online. Especially the family members or friends who travel a lot so no matter where you are you can always reach them with easy access. It as well helps teens receive important information from news missed earlier or anything that they have to be updated on. Also to be entertained as earlier mentioned teenagers gets distracted a lot so owners of the social networking company would make sure this is very entertaining to the viewer’s eyes. You get to give your opinion on things and express yourself but some go a little too far when given the opportunity to. However, the people against social networking sites mentions how the constant use of this can hurt us when communicating face to face. It wastes time on more important activity. Many teens coming up this generation show very low productivity, high distraction and bad communication skills. Also networking sites may inform you about a lot of things but the percentage of it being true, many times it’s not very likely. In social networking sites is as well prone to pedophiles so you have to take many precaution before putting personal
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