Benefits Of Selective Breeding

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As long as dogs are being selectively bred for aesthetic and physical characteristics, they will continue to suffer. Selective breeding is the process in which human beings breed animals to produce desired traits in the offspring. Eventually dogs were being bred less for the ability to work and more for how the animals looked. Selective breeding does have its own benefits. The clubs keep track of the dogs and their lineage, which is helpful for telling if the dog has any family history of disease. When breeders use inbreeding or line breeding it greatly increases the chances of genetic diseases. The alternative to purebred dogs and the health problems associated with them would be buying a mixed breed. Genetic diversity is important for not just dogs but every type of animal along with human beings.
Pedigree or Poison: Selective Breeding is Detrimental to Dogs
Dog’s have been man’s best friend for thousands of years and will continue to be alongside mankind until one of the species ceases to exist. Dogs have been alongside man since they were first domesticated from wolves 15,000 years ago (Allan, 2010). This domestication has led to dogs being intertwined with everyday life for many humans. People use dogs as workers, companions, and guardians. To some people dogs are just as much a part of the family as the children. Some people even choose to have dogs instead of children. This may be for various reasons, such as cost, time availability, or just preference. Without dogs, many people’s lives would be significantly worse because pets have an impact in their owner’s life, whether this is positive or negative. Dogs can be friends and family, or dogs can be a leader to the blind. They can be used to brighten a sick child’s day, or...

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...ey are generally well diversified, a mixed breed has a much lower likelihood of having life impairing diseases. A healthy dog needs much less visits to the vet, and therefore costs less to take care of.
Many people want a purebred dog because it signifies value and luxury. What they don’t realize is oftentimes these pedigree dogs will end up very unhealthy. It’s better for the both the owners and the dogs themselves if dogs are not selectively bred for specific traits, especially when the breeders are careless or unregulated so that inbreeding occurs. Even if a breeder is careful, the limited gene pools of certain breeds can cause issues unintentionally. Genetic diversity is important for not just dogs but every type of animal along with human beings. Selective breeding is robbing canines of their genetic diversity and because of this is very harmful to the species.

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