The Importance of Purebred Dogs by Babette Haggerty

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Take a moment and picture a dog in your head. What do you see? You may see many different things depending on your own personal encounters with the species. There are many types of dogs out there. Some small, some large, long-haired or short-haired. There are many variances in what a dog can look like. One thing that does not change, or should not change, is the importance for every dog in this world to be given love and affection, no matter its characteristics. This is what leads me to believe that the obsession with producing and owning purebreds needs to come to a halt. Continuing to create these so-called “best dogs” is dangerous to not only the purebred’s health, but also devalues mixed breeds and can cost them their lives in animal shelters where they may never escape. My interest in this topic caused me to look into seeing what other people felt about it.
I came across an article the other day on the Internet titled “The Importance of Purebred Dogs” by Babette Haggerty on her blog titled “Babette Haggerty on Dogs & Training.” In this article, Haggerty shares why she will always own a purebred dog. She begins her article with putting to shame PETA’s position on the matter by using heavy amounts of sarcasm. She then tells us a story of how she once adopted a mix-bred dog and how her father did not approve of this decision, seeing as he was an AKC judge and that she was always “raised with purebred dogs (Haggerty).” She then continues on to share how “buying purebred dogs and showing dogs at Westminster is a money maker (Haggerty)” and then goes into some detail on why dog shows are good for the economy without backing up her claims with any sources of evidence or statistics. Haggerty then goes on to explain how specific bre...

... middle of paper ... to all of the other dogs in the world. In a country proud of our diversity and freedoms, we should be granting dogs the same lives. They deserve that diversity in what breeds they are mixed with and the freedom of a life outside of the bars in a shelter. Do your part and give a dog the life it deserves.

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