Benefits Of Online Learning

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vii- Instant result and feedback:
Through online learning, the students get instant results and feedback about their performances. The online learning courses have online assignments and assessments that help evaluate the performance of the student and he can know the level of his understanding in the course. It is comparatively far better than the conventional classroom setting where the evaluation takes longer times and time-consuming assessments.
(Kruger Ross and water 2013) viii- Environment friendly:
The online learning promotes activities that are environment friendly and promotes miscellaneous benefits. The concept of online learning eliminates the concept of paper learning and decrease the use of paper-based education to a very great
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Following are some of the major benefits: i- Interactive:
The traditional classroom setting provides the students with an environment that is friendly towards learning and is very interactive. The students in a conventional setting can interact with fellow course mates as well as the teacher. This is great for people who learn better from the behaviorist theory of learning. The class room provides interactive environment that promotes behaviorist learning and students can learn quickly from interaction with each other and the lecturer. It is also beneficial for students that need consistent guidance ion what to do
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Some of the major drawbacks of the traditional class room setting are discussed below: i- Un focused learning:
The traditional class room depends upon the learning of facts and figures rather than concentrating on the learning process of the students. The traditional class room learning is done on predetermined schedules and syllabus with examination at fixed intervals.
(Jaggars 2014) ii- Lack of flexibility:
There is a lack of flexibility in the traditional class room setting. Students that live in remote areas or far from campus have to face a lot problems in reaching the campus to attend the classes. Students have to plan schedules according to the timetable of their classes and lectures. Also there is a huge problem of time flexibility for the students who want to do part time jobs. The changing of schedule is difficult as it is pre-determined by the institution.
(means etal 2013) iii- Passive
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