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Steven Spielberg is today a major and successful American film director and producer. Spielberg has directed, produced, as well as being apart of numerous well-known movies and worked with highly respected actors and actresses. Spielberg also shows he is committed, especially in Hollywood because he has been married to his wife over 20 years. Steven Spielberg is an influential American because he has changed the film industry, due to his success with films and making every opportunity remarkable.
Life before filmmaking, Steven Spielberg’s family gave him nothing but support in following his dreams of becoming a director. He was born on December 18, 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio (“Steven Spielberg”), but he has also lived in Haddonfield, New Jersey, Scottsdale, Arizona, and San Jose, California during his childhood. Spielberg’s parents are Arnold and Leah Spielberg; he is the oldest with three younger sisters. Leah, Spielberg’s mother gave up being a trained pianist after marrying Arnold, who was an electrical engineer. His parents gave him everything they could to help him make movies when he was younger (Hargrove 9-11). Without the help and support of his family, Spielberg may not be who he is today.
Even though there were struggles on the pathway of achieving his dream, Steven never gave up when it got tough, but instead he pushed harder. In fact, as a teenager, Spielberg made 15 movies and sometimes on Mondays, he would pretend to be sick to stay home to edit his movies. During middle school, Spielberg was bullied and would run home from school to try to avoid the bullies. Battle Squad, a movie he made in middle school, used one of his bullies to play the war hero then later became friends with him, as well as his movie Firelight...

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.... Steven Spielberg is important to the American film industry because he has helped to develop the industry into what it is today.
From a young age, Steven Spielberg knew he wanted to be a director, but had no idea he would have so much influence in filmmaking. Even though he has only received two Academy Awards, he doesn’t need awards to show how successful he is with his films. Media today would not be the same without Spielberg’s influence because he has helped media develop into something extraordinary. With his contributions to the film industry, all of his dedication put into his films, and all of the glory he has received, shows why Steven Spielberg is one of the most influential Americans of all time.
Steven Spielberg is a one of the kind man who has entertained several generations and more to come with his ability to place his visions on the big screen.

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  • Explains that steven spielberg never gave up when it got tough, but instead pushed harder. he made 15 movies as a teenager and was bullied during middle school.
  • Analyzes how steven spielberg gave an interview to mike fleming about the process of filming lincoln.
  • Explains that steven spielberg is an influential american because he has changed the film industry due to his success with films and making every opportunity remarkable.
  • Explains that steven spielberg was offered a 7-year contract with universal pictures by sidney sheinberg to direct television shows.
  • Explains that steven spielberg's interview with lincoln was important because he had matured and helped his films.
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