The Life Of Walt Disney & The Grimm Brothers

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Walt Disney and Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Walt Disney and the Grimm Brothers used their talents, and, with help, became some of the most famous children’s literature writers and business owners of all time. Many children have read Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales and watched Walt Disney’s films and cartoons. The creators have used their tales, films, and cartoons not only during their lives, but even now.
Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 to a German-Irish-Canadian-American family who lived in Chicago, Illinois. He had three brothers and one sister. His mother was a German-American woman named Flora Call Disney. His father was an Irish-Canadian man named Elias Disney (Encarta Encyclopedia 2).
After a few years, Elias Disney moved his family to a farm near Marceline, Missouri. This was when Walt started taking an interest in drawing and developed a love for animals. He sold his first sketches to some of his neighbors when he was seven years old (Encarta Encyclopedia 2).
Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm in Hanau, Germany. Jacob was born on January 4, 1785 and Wilhelm on February 24, 1786. Their parents were Philipp Wilhelm Grimm and Dorothea Grimm. Philipp and Dorothea had nine children together. In 1971, the Grimm family moved to Steinau. Five years later, in 1976, Philipp Wilhelm Grimm died at the age of 44. At this time, Jacob was eleven years old and Wilhelm was about to be ten (Grimm Brothers’ Home Page 1).
In 1910, the Disney family moved to Kansas City. Walt helped his father’s newspaper distribution business by delivering newspapers. “Walt attended Benton School, and occasionally surprised his teachers with his talent for drawing and acting. (Disney A to Z, 143)” The family moved back to Chicago where Disney would attend McKinley High School for one year. During this time, he worked on the school newspaper doing drawing and photography. He also attended the Academy of Fine Arts at night (Disney A to Z 143).
The Grimm Brothers’ first school was called Lyceum Fridericianum in Cassel, Germany. The school had seven different classes and was used to prepare people for college. “The four upper served to prepare for the university while pupils of the three lower ones did not aim at further academic studies. Unfortunately, Preceptor Zinckhan’s lessons had not been enough for Jacob and Wilhelm. Jacob was admitted to the lowest form only while...

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... company when Frank Wells died. (Encarta Encyclopedia 4)
The Grimm Brothers’ folktales are still read by little children today. And without some help from Walt Disney, some tales may have never been heard of. Some of their most famous tales are Snow White, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and many other tales.
Walt Disney’s has had and still is having a large effect on television and writing today. He has made very memorable films. Many people will remember this 20th century folk hero and legend for many years to come.
Both the Grimm Brothers’ and Walt Disney were very talented. They both have given people many different stories and have taught many lessons in their stories. They will always be remembered in history.

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