The Most Important Characteristics Of Steven Spielberg's Film

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Steven Spielberg has maintained his status as one of the most influential director-producers in Hollywood since the 1970s, when he started making his first films, to this day. No other director has produced a more popular body of work, and his films have cemented themselves into modern cultural idiosyncrasy as a result of this unprecedented massive appeal. One of the most important characteristics of Spielberg’s films is their connection to the childhood experience, which translates into his recurring themes, motifs, and ultimately, his style as a director. However, Spielberg is more complex than what many critics and even some fans seem to believe. Beneath the ‘naiveté,’ as some would describe it, lies a strong moral compass and an ability to mold this idea of childhood to fit every film he makes in a way…show more content…
Within the technical pioneer and talented businessman that Spielberg is lies a true auteur with an exceptional vision that has succeeded in blending the commercial and creative aspects of filmmaking throughout his illustrious career. As a postmodern auteur, Spielberg has redefined the concept of the fairytale in his narratives through his own personality, heart, and mind. No matter the genre of his films, they are all fairytales in essence and spirit. E.T. the extraterrestrial (1982), for example, is the story of an alien protected by middle-class suburban kids, told through 10-year-old protagonist Elliott’s point of view. This film goes through the fairytale’s basic structure; the protagonist has a wish of primal importance that is also passionate and personal, goes on a fantastical journey that consists of a leap taken from home with shades of adventure and danger, is dissuaded by others from accomplishing his goal, is forced to violate prohibitions in order to overcome these seemingly unsurpassable obstacles, and lives “happily ever after” after inevitably prevailing. What
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