Adam Sandler: An Actor that Gives More than Just Funny Movies to Hollywood

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Adam Sandler is a huge major icon in America. Although he is most known for his movies, he is much more than an actor. Adam released several comical acts, and even a few songs! Adam never really knew what he was going to do with his life, until Adam’s brother suggested comedy. This biography will show that Adam Sandler gives a lot to the movie and entertainment world.

As a boy Adam lived a pretty good life. He had a small family, he lived with his brother Scott, mom Judy, father Stan, and two sisters Elizabeth and Valerie. (Bio 1) Adam’s dad was born April 5 1935 and died September 9 2003 ( IMDb 1) Adam’s family lived in a small town in New Hampshire where there was not a lot to do. As a young boy, Sandler was loved watching movies. This was one of the reasons why he got into comedy

At the age of seventeen Adam had no idea what to do with his life until his brother suggested he should take on the career of comedy. ( 1) In 1991, while attending New York University, Adam performed in a few bars on open mic night. Sandler told a few jokes and made some people smile. Adam knew he wasn't good, but he also knew he could do better. In 1991 Adam got his bachelor degree of fine arts at New York University. ( 1) Adam went to multiple bars before he got any good. Adam also was able to learn humor from his favorite childhood movie "Caddyshack." Sandler rehearsed more and started to tell better jokes. Adam went on television to play the famous MTV game show "Remote Control." Until Lorne Michaels, a producer from Saturday Night Live watched one of Adam's shows. He saw that Adam had the talent to become the next big star.( 1 ) Of course that would not be until later in Adam’s life. Adam Sandler was recruited ...

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