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Critique of the Behavioral Model of Personality
A large part of human behavior is learned, and it is possible for the learned behavior to become unlearned. New behaviors can be learned throughout a person’s lifetime. This is what the behavioral model of personality is all about. Research for the Behavioral Model of Personality was mainly conducted on animals. This was because animals were easier to attain for research purposes than humans. The findings that came from animal research was later put to use with humans’ real life situations. The Behavioral Model of Personality helps determine how behavior is formed in the first place, how to correct bad behaviors, and how to integrate new behaviors in people that produce …show more content…

It mediates the emotion of hope and anticipatory pleasure, and the associated personality factor consists of optimism, reward-orientation and impulsiveness.” (Corr, 2010, p. 387) Mathematical Psychology is entirely different from the other methods. Numbers are used in this method. No one else has been able to learn this technique, and it has not proven to be successful in the field of Behavioral Psychology. (Magnavita, 2012e)
Developmental Analytic Behavior Therapy (DABT), one of the newest forms of behavior therapy, is “the first behavioral analytical therapy that incorporates behavioral developmental stage and value of the outcome of a behavior into its working. It is quite different from conventional therapies as it focuses on altering problem behaviors directly to help individuals live satisfying lives despite their existing behavioral problems. Moreover, the behavioral developmental stage also seems to affect the kind of defense mechanism one uses, in the psychoanalytic sense, which in turn affects one’s behavior (Semrad, 1969a, b, c).” (Commons & Tuladhar, 2014, p.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the history of the behavioral model of personality, its theories, earlier research methods, and the present day usefulness of it.
  • Explains that the behavioral model of personality challenged both psychology and personality researchers to a higher empirical standard.
  • Describes brown, n.j.l., sokal, a.d. and friedman. positive psychology and romantic scientism. american psychologist.
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