Trait Theory Of Personality

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The purpose of this research report is to investigate the personality of Beyoncé Knowles in terms of humanistic and trait conceptions of personality. Beyoncé born in September 4th 1981 is known for her fierce look and electrifying sound that has been present in the entertainment industry since she was 15 years of age. Beyoncé’s ability to perform with unparalleled confidence and exuberant passion has won her twenty Grammy awards, three world music awards, six American music awards, and eight billboard awards. Beyoncé’s personality will be examined using the humanistic conception of personality, which was developed during the 1950s and made emphasis on seeing people in relation to their environments and on the meaning that people find in life. …show more content…

He used five personality traits to be able to describe one’s personality, these traits included: extroversion, neuroticism, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness. Beyoncé scores highly on the extraversion level, as extraversion is characterised by optimistic attitudes, strong social skills, outgoing and assertiveness. Other than being a musician, Beyoncé is a philanthropist and was an ambassador for the world humanitarian day with a purpose to support the homeless where she performed her song “I was here”. She also developed a fund that supported victims of the hurricane Katrina that was on going from August 23rd to August 31st 2005. Other than that she participates in other world funds for different purposes and this portrays her empathy and generosity, which underlines how optimistic she is. Agreeableness consists of being considerate, sympathetic, kind and modest. Beyoncé scores high on this trait as she has always behaved herself decently in social situations and is “always poised” whenever she addressed the public. In addition, she has never been involved with illegal matters such as using illicit drugs and can therefore be trusted by not only her fans but by her family to be a respectable role model. She also displays altruism through her involvement with over 30

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