Becoming Stupid with Your Pal Google

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We have all done it. We are all affected by it, but we don’t even realize what is happening. Even I am shot by the invisible bullet; the internet. At first glance the internet seems to be great. If you want to know who batted for the Red Socks in 1978, Google it. If you want to see a street view of Rome, Google Maps has your back. Do you need to see if the price on that new purse dropped? Amazon is there, instantly. It seems like the information on the internet is endless, and in a way it is. One website, Youtube, adds over six-thousand days of video per day ( You may be thinking that this is great, but most of that information is useless. In that six-thousand days of video you may be able to watch a day’s worth over a whole week, and that is only if you are extremely dedicated to wasting time. As you watch these videos throughout the week, more information is being added. You are only obtaining a day’s worth of information, more likely entertainment, out of forty-two-thousand days of video. Inevitably, some of this information will be on the same subject. There may be dozens of videos based on a single idea, but the question arises: What video is getting it right? This is one of the many problems that we are running into while using the internet to learn. Many people believe that the internet is a great tool for education due to its information, but I believe that the internet is a giant storm that holds too much information for us to handle.
Schools are turning over more and more assignments via the internet. Kids don’t have to bring home fifty-pound backpacks, scavenge through dozens of folders just looking for a single blank sheet of paper, and to a paperless generation these facts seem great. However, the mental...

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...uter world and there is nothing to be done; it is life for us. In the next couple of sentences you are probably going to go over the final grade and then go on the web. I don’t blame you for using it, but please, for your own sake, watch your step and don’t get caught in the worlds best spun web.

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