Rhetorical Critique Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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A Rhetorical Critique of “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr Every day there is some new technological advancement making its way into the world in an attempt to make life easier for people. In the article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, author Nicholas Carr explains his thoughts on how he believes the internet is running the risk of making people full of artificial knowledge. Carr begins by explaining how he feels that the web is causing his focus issues, how he can no longer be completely immersed in a book, and the reason why he gets fidgety while reading. He then goes on to talk about how his life is surrounded by the internet and how that is the blame for the issues he has towards not being able to stay connected to a text; but at the same time says how and why the web has been a ‘godsend’ because he is a writer. In an attempt to draw the reader in, Carr uses a great deal of rhetorical appeals. He compares the differences of the past and the present and how he feels how it has changed not only himself, but others as well and how they are able to comprehend and focus due to the growing nature of the web. While comparing this, he accumulated research from several credited writers who feel the same way he does about the effects of the web.…show more content…
He uses backed up information to get his point across while also showing his character to connect with the audience. Carr also uses the strategy of pathos to appeal to the readers imagination to pull them in to show what he experienced. I feel that although I may not agree with everything he is stating, the things he used were persuasive enough to keep the reader reading, and some agreeing with him that the internet is causing more harm to the human
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