Beatlemania History

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The Beatles started a revolution with English rock and roll in the early 190’s. The four members of the band were influential among many young teenagers. The Beatles started a trend in not only music, but fashion as well. They won the hearts and devotion of many young fans. Beatlemania influenced people back then and they became so legendary that they role they played in the industry made unforgettable history.
John Lennon, the founder and creator of The Beatles was originally a member of The Blackjacks with Peter Shotton. Lennon was born in Liverpool and always knew his profession would be music. After Shotton left the blackjacks, Lennon remained and Paul McCartney joined and they proceeded to change the name to the QuarryMen. George Harrison, a good friend of McCartney, hung around the band a lot, and was finalized as a member in 1958. They were all young teenagers as this process occurred. Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best joined the QuarryMen and the name was changed to the Silver Beatles.
Furthermore, Sutcliffe and Best eventually left the band and were replaced by Ringo Starr. The Beatles consisted of four talented men that were about to change the world. Originating from Liverpool, The Beatles changed the rock era, basically making rock what it is today. They changed the scene of fashion, music and beliefs. Lennon, in particular, stood for peace. This band influenced so many people around the world that to this day they are considered the best band in rock and roll history.
Beatlemania was created in the 1960’s, similar to Bieber Fever, it was a term that described The Beatles fandom and their love and devotion towards the band. This was when their fame first began to rise. The Beatles first UK single was ...

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...many fans. Their fans have carried throughout generations and even the people who aren’t fans know all too well who the Beatles are.
Regardless of where a person may be, they could ask anyone around them who the Beatles were. There is a fifty-fifty percent chance that the person may know, and will tell you. English bands seem to have a lot more influence and controversy throughout the world than others. Likewise to Led Zeppelin, the father of heavy metal, the Beatles were highly frowned upon by certain religions. That did not stop their fame or their fans. The Beatles are not an American icon; they stand on a much higher and respected ground than that. The Beatles are a global icon, and will always be. Creating fashion statements, a music genre, and movements like the Beatles is not all that easy nowadays. The Beatles were the best of the best and always will be.
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