Beatlemania And The Tipping Point Theory

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The Liverpool rock group known as the Beatles began to form during the year of 1960. The band was made up of four members which included John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Although the Beatles are known as a major influential part of music today, the early years of their career were a difficult. They suffered the struggles of discouragement, being rejected by labels, and changing band members throughout the beginning. However, things began to change during the Beatlemania period. The Tipping Point is described by Malcolm Gladwell as a time of “critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point. This theory can be applied to the Beatles during their rise to fame period known as Beatlemania. There
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Success was hard for the Beatles started as the Quarrymen then turning into the Silver Beatles and touring through Germany playing long hours’ day and night at different clubs and venues. In fact, and article written by Andrew Romano from the Daily Beast states that one of Gladwell’s theory is revolved around Hamburg during their intense hours of playing. He states that after the Beatles had reached their point of fame during 1964, they had performed a total of twelve hundred times which Gladwell states” the idea that excellence at performing a complex task requires a minimal level of practice”. According to Gladwell this is what allowed them to become they greatest rock band of all time. Although this was Beatles point of greatness, once returning to Liverpool they still had a point to prove the world. After Brian Epstein spent many days convincing different labels, being rejected by the same record labels, changing their style, and cleaning up their act for the music industry, they were finally able to sign a label with United Kingdom’s leading music record company during May of 1962. By October of 1963, the Beatles had the opportunity to appear on the Sunday Night At the Long Palladium. During this time, if one was able to perform here you had reached a high point in the…show more content…
One example is shown the by circumstance of fame for the Beatles. The Beatles first became a band in the 1960’s as the Quarrymen with the original members being Paul, George, and John. As a group, they played many gigs for hours and days while having to abuse drugs to keep them awake most of the time. With Ringo eventually joining the group, it still took the Beatles landing a gig on the Sunday Night at the London Palladium, to be considered to finally become noticed. Whereas Ed Sullivan just so happened to be at the right place at the right time to find the Beatles and decided to give them a chance on his show. The Beatles had been shut down for many times by United States music labels. If it wasn’t for chance, it would not be known how long it would have taken for the Beatles to take rise into
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