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During the 1960’s, a very famous band came about, they were called The Beatles, they became the best known group in popular music (Ebsco Host). In the beginning of The Beatles career, they were called “The Quarrymen”. “The Quarrymen”, originated at John Lennon’s high school, when he became entertained by rock and roll in the mid-50’s. In 1960, “The Quarrymen” changed their name to “The Silver Beatles”. However, soon after they dropped the “Silver” and became just “The Beatles”. (All Music) In “The Beatles” career, they had much success, it was believed that this success came from their creative lyrics, their harmonic vocals, and their friendly personality. It also helped that they were one of the first groups to include more original music on their records than covers of songs written by other people. (All Music)
The Beatles started out with 3 original members; John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison. During their first few years as a band, they constantly change their lineup and eventually became just 3 guitarists, they proved that they were the best musically and the best with the group personality wise. (All Music) It took a while for the band to find the best matches for the band, they eventually found everyone they needed. Stuart Sutcliffe was a friend of John’s, they both attended the same art college and Stu knew how to play the bass, he soon became their new bass player. Finding a drummer was a challenge however with many people not fitting what the band really needed, that was until Pete Best auditioned for the band in the summer of 1960. Pete was what the band needed at the time and he became their new drummer. (All Music) In the beginning of The Beatles career, they performed in their local Cavern Clu...

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...album they had; “The Beatles”. Most of the songs on the album were individuals, accompanied and sung by just one person. After a long time of inactivity and a bad album, the group went their seperate ways. After the group parted, Paul McCartney recorded with the successful group, the Wings. Lennon wrote and recorded in the United States with his wife Yoko Ono, and was later murdered in New York in 1980. George Harrison stopped recording but he became a film producer. He then died in 2001 of lung cancer. (Ebsco Host)
The Beatles accomplished many things in their career, and they were very influential to the music industry. They were the first known band to achieve world-wide fame, and their name as the best rock icon still remains untouched today. (All Music) To this day, The Beatles still are releasing old unreleased music to keep the fandom going.

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