The Beatles : The Band Of All Time

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When people think about the 60’s the majority of them all think about the Beatles. The Beatles is a band that made Rock and Roll a totally, different type of music. Even though The Beatles were such a hit, as time went on they started to fall apart. Over 50 years later, the Beatles are still classified as one of the best band of all time.
Before the Beatles were the Beatles, they were just normal musicians. John Lennon the person in charge of the band in the 50’s called the Quarry Men met Paul McCartney on July 6, 1957, where both musicians are performing in Skiffle Groups. After hearing Paul play at the concert John’s manager asked Paul if he would like to join the Quarry Men, Paul accepted his offer. Many musicians tried out to join the Quarry Men, however none of them made it. On February 6, 1958 George Harrison tried out by playing Raunchy and John made him become the newest member of the group. The members of the Quarry Men are; “John, Paul and George, with the addition of Johns Friend from art college, Stu Sutcliffe and a guitarist named Pete Best” (The Beatles pg. 1). They went off to Germany to get a better chance to become known and famous. While they are in Germany, Stu Sutcliffe decides to go back to college to get back into art which he is in love with and be with Astrid which he met in Germany. The members remaining in the Quarry Men group renamed their group and now their group calling it Silver Beatles and returned to Liverpool. As the group thought their luck was terrible, a young record storeowner in the late 1961, with the name of Brian Epstein, noticed the Beatles with their great musicians skills, he thought they have something unique to them (History of The Beatles pg. 1). The Silver Beatles held a tough ima...

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... Linda Eastman” (History of The Beatles pg. 6). One year later, on August 27, 1967, when the Beatles were in India trying to seek enlightenment, their friend and manager Brain Epstein was found dead in his own house, due to a overdoes of the drug Carbitrol. Two years later, in August 1969, Lennon came to the conclusion that it was time that he needs to depart from the group, after he left it was official, the group has become to an end. The band’s breaking up was a secret until April 10, 1970 when McCartney came to the conclusion to separate the group.
Over 50 years later, the Beatles are still classified as one of the best band of all time. Even before the Beatles were the Beatles they were famous and their fame grew more into one of the famous bands known to history. Even though they were on the top of the fame bar, it all come down and end for them.
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