Awareness Of Self Assessment

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A leader’s lack of EI leads to higher losses since they fail to communicate effectively and motivate workers thereby occasioning turnover. The company then spends more money in the recruitment and training of new staff. Further, lack of EI leads to disagreements with clients, which translates into lost revenue and hence losses to the company.
Having low EI gives way to irrational thinking and poor emotional understanding. Leaders with low EI fail to accept and understand their emotions thus become unable to control them. Therefore, workers and leaders become less proactive regarding productivity and decision-making. Low proactivity gives rise to poor individual and team performance.
Elements of Emotional Intelligence Leaders Must Be Aware of
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Self-assessment provides a reflection of an individual on why they make certain decisions and what they are good at. Therefore, leaders who understand themselves and what their goals are can improve themselves over time. Having self-regulation also means that the leader would not react to their emotions but would instead think to arrive at better decisions. However, if a manager reacts to their emotions without thinking about them, then they are bound to injure relationships and create mistrust amongst employees.
Self-regulation entails controlling and channeling a person’s disruptive emotions to adapt to the changing business environment to motivate the organization to move in the right direction. Strong leader steer their team in both easy and turbulent conditions through communication. Conversely, allowing panic to take control leads to business failure.
Empathy and
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Empathy involves the ability to understand and share the feelings with one another in the workplace. Leaders can establish a better connection with their subordinates by being thoughtful about how they engage with them. Leaders would be in a position to put themselves in the shoes of other workers to better the communication process. For example, if employees feel that they are being listened to, they would put their creativity towards achieving organizational objectives thereby make the work of their leaders
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