Auguste Mote As The Founder Of Sociology: Auguste Comte

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Auguste Comte
Considered to be the founder of sociology, Auguste Comte was born on January 19, 1798 in Montpellier, France (Wikipedia). Auguste was also known as a French Philosopher (Editors). Auguste’s parents Louis and Rosalie were both Roman Catholics and monarchists, and his father was a tax official (Editors). Auguste was born near the end of the French Revolution and his society came across violent conflict and feelings of alienation (Editors). This influenced his later studies.
At only 16, Auguste attended the Lycee Joffre and the University of Montpellier (Crossman). He later was admitted to Ecole Polytechnique, which was located in Paris (Wikipedia). The school later closed in 1816 and in 1817 Auguste made his home in Paris (Crossman). Auguste had no way to support himself. He later earned a living teaching mathematics and journalism (Crossman). Auguste was a brilliant …show more content…

This process is known as positivism (Henslin). Using the scientific method he would be able to answer the questions he asked (Henslin). The questions like “why do we have social order instead of anarchy or chaos” or “when society becomes set on a particular course, what causes it to change” (Henslin)? Auguste wanted his answers. While sociology was around before Auguste, developing what is known as “the new science” Auguste is credited as the founder of sociology (Henslin). Sociology is the study of society (Henslin).
Discovering social principles and also applying them to social reform is what the purpose of this “new science” is (Henslin). Auguste broke sociology into two categories (Editors). Social statics which is the first category was defined as, forces holding forces together (Editors). Social dynamics which is the second category was defined as, those driving social change (Editors). Auguste wanted to make society a better place to live and to do that he developed a grandiose view

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