The Life And Biography Of René Descartes

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René Descartes was a French philosopher born in La Haye, France, on March 31, 1596. In the 17th century. Now that town is now named after him, because of the great things he has done. He spent most of his life in the Dutch Republic He had two siblings and was the youngest. His father and mother's name were Joachim and Jeanne Brochard. His mother died before his first birthday. In addition, his father was in the provincial parliament as a council member. After their mother died, Joachim had the kids go live with their grandmother on their mom's side. They stayed there even though their father eventually remarried. Even though their father did not want them around, he still wanted the best education for his children so he sent René when he was eight, to boarding school to the Jesuit college of Henri IV in La Flèche. And he stayed there until he was 15. René Descartes was a good student; he got good grades and was liked by his teachers but was often ill. This sometimes took a toll on his studies. So ill that he was given permission to stay in bed until the afternoon because he was just too, sick and did not have it in him to get out and go to class. People say he would not get out of bed until past 11 everyday and that was on a good day. While at Boarding School, he studied rhetoric, logic, and the mathematical arts, which meant he also studied music and astronomy, and other intense studies that were stepping-stones for him to become a philosopher and effected his beliefs and ideas. After he left Boarding School in December of 1616, he went and got baccalaureate in law at the University of Poitiers four years later. During this period in his life, there are rumors that he snapped and had a nervous breakdown. However, there is no tru... ... middle of paper ... ...use they did not want them to be disturbed. Then were brought back. However, there is an old legend that says that only his heart was put back. In addition, the rest of his remains are buried in the Pantheon. However, this has never been proven. Descartes practiced the Roman Catholic religion. However, was believed to have many atheist beliefs. However, believed that if he expressed all of his religious views and doubts in God the people would reject him since he did not share the people's religion or any for that matter. He thought that the people he was trying to preach his ideas to would not accept him. Without the philosophical insight of René Descartes, we would not have, the modern information we take for granted today. He was able to broaden the understanding in several different fields. In addition, should always be remembered as a genius and amazing person.

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